Puerto Rico

How Bizualized Leveraged the 2020 Pandemic to Grow the Celevideos Brand, Connecting People to Their Favorite Stars

Bizualized is an agency with a dedicated focus on helping creative brands grow and thrive in today’s chaotic market. When we were commissioned to work with Celevideos to help them drive business during the 2020 pandemic, we saw an opportunity with the immense challenge to take advantage of the unique market conditions. 

By strategically using various marketing channels with a consistent roadmap, we were able to help the Celevideos brand grow rapidly, gaining thousands of subscribers and booking with hundreds of musicians, actors, athletes, personalities, and entertainers of all varieties.  

“Working with Bizualized proved to be more successful than we had imagined. They were able to take our concept and drive it big-time, during a very challenging time for most people. They helped us gain a very large audience quickly while offering amazing value to the entertainers as a way to make income, and for the patrons who enjoyed connecting with them.” -Celevideos


Growing an entertainment-based brand during widespread lockdowns and quarantines was an immense hurdle Celevideos faced as the pandemic set in. Furthermore, building an audience, and convincing celebrities to join the platform were additional challenges. As a unique business with an unconventional product, gaining widespread attention was an essential component of its success. A strategic approach to demonstrating credibility, using the right marketing technologies, and providing value to customers were the major issues the brand faced as it launched.



Bizualized assessed the various challenges Celevideos was facing and determined several paths that would help gain brand awareness, get the platform in front of thousands of customers, and convey the exciting message the brand was built on. Bizualized helped create a powerful brand image, SEO, and specific paid advertising campaigns to get customers to the site and booking with their favorite celebrities. 


  • Brand Identity Development 
  • Website Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Press Releases
  • SEO Content Production

The Impact

  • Bizualized assessed the position of the brand and its challenges and developed a strategy to grow very quickly in a matter of months. 
  • Within 6 months of aggressive marketing, Celevideos was doubling and tripling its website traffic. 
  • The 2020 pandemic was found to be a great point of marketing, enabling people the ability to connect with celebrities while events were shut down and in-person entertainment options were nonexistent.
  • Celevideos saw a full return on investment in just 3 months of working with Bizualized.
  • Celevideos quickly became the top Influencer Marketing Hub for the reggaeton genre and the Puerto Rican community. 
  • Because the brand offers a unique and singular offering, reaching the right audiences was essential to its success. Once customers knew the platform existed, they were using it because it brought their favorite artists very much into their reach. 
  • Bizualized helped reach thousands of organic leads thru a comprehensive SEO strategy and press release distribution.
  • The endeavor brought a new, lucrative source of income to entertainers, artists, influencers, actors, musicians, and personalities who were out of work due to the pandemic, which was an immensely valuable benefit to the brand. 


Having a great product or idea is just one part of a successful business; marketing is what gets the business in front of potential customers, ensuring the product reaches the right patrons. Bizualized helped Celevideos go from a unique concept to a highly successful, valuable business that delivered revenue and impact to customers and entertainers alike using key strategies and focused marketing expertise.

Bizualized delivered:

  • Immense attention generated for the brand immediately.
  • Growth of the brand’s traffic and audience by doubling and tripling customers in the first 6 months of the partnership.
  • Healthy website optimization and organic position.
  • A loyal customer base grown quickly, asserting Celevideos as the only platform of its kind in the Latin American market.
  • Powerful value for celebrities and influencers to supplement their income, while encouraging more and more industry-specific stars to join the platform.