Deko Gecko
Miami, Florida
Pet Industry

Bizualized Uses Creative Marketing Expertise to Drive Business Growth for Unique, Niche Brand, Deko Gecko During the Pandemic

Bizualized specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses take advantage of unique opportunities using strategic marketing implementation. During the inconsistent and very unstable business landscape of the early days of the pandemic, Bizualized helped launch and grow the Deko Gecko brand from an idea to a thriving international business that has become a leader in its niche.

Deko Gecko is a specialty exotic pet breeder and collector of rare leopard geckos, carrying an exclusive array of pets that cannot be found anywhere else. The brand needed a strong strategy and detailed approach to reach its target audience.

“Bizualized was able to take this brand from a concept to a full-blown international business immediately upon launch. As a very niche category, often competing with major corporate retailers, they focused on our boutique strengths and garnered attention right from the start. We are so pleased with the results!” -Deko Gecko


Deko Gecko is a unique, one-of-a-kind business that competes with major corporations. This gives the brand a unique edge above its competitors, however, getting the brand in front of customers was a challenge. The greatest issue was to become a trusted name in the breeding and collecting of leopard geckos, quickly. 

The brand’s positioning made it tricky to reach customers because of the competition from corporate noise and spending power. However, using the right methods enabled us to achieve rankings in searches and gain traction in channels less traveled by the corporate strongholds. 

Additionally challenging was launching during the beginning of the pandemic, so a trusted strategy was needed to build the business during a very uncertain time.



Bizualized provided an actionable marketing strategy that included organic and paid advertising, and a long-term SEO strategy, along with leveraging other marketing channels to build as much brand awareness as possible.

Additionally, Bizualized used the company’s unique differentiators to its advantage. As a small, family-owned company with rigorous, humane, and superior standards for breeding geckos, Decko Gecko was able to outpace its competition by catering specifically to those who seek top-quality, rare leopard geckos.


  • Google Ads
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Ads, Content, and Outreach
  • SEO Content Production

The Impact

  • The most important technologies were utilized to ensure the company was able to market to the right customers.
  • Bizualized launched the brand and garnered immediate attention and conversions by reaching the right audiences for the market.
  • Strategic ads and marketing efforts allowed the customers to find exactly what they were looking for from Deko Gecko.
  • An organically-grown following on various social channels was developed, which serves to drive business through personally connecting with customers.
  • Technologies were utilized to refine all business processes to save time and enable the brand to grow organically by automating monotonous tasks.
  • Short-term and long-term marketing strategies were put into play to drive growth into the future, thanks to a solid foundation from the start.


Bizalized set the tone for superior growth thanks to smart marketing initiatives and a very well-planned launch that leveraged the most important marketing channels to drive sales. Even during the uncertainty of the pandemic, the company was well-prepared for an erratic market. Ultimately, powerful year-over-year growth and tremendous return on investment were achieved.