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How Bizualized Grew Tako Glass’s SEO rankings and web presence, by 75%

Bizualized has a specialty in helping creative brands succeed in a very competitive market. Using a range of technologies to drive growth, we were able to generate consistent month-over-month success for Tako Glass, a leading retailer in the high-end glass pipe and glass bong niche. While there are countless companies manufacturing blown glass cannabis products, there is an increasing demand for one-of-a-kind, designer pieces crafted by the industry’s best artists.

Tako Glass is an award-winning artist with decades of experience and an international following. The most significant aim of our partnership was to bring about greater brand awareness and conversions while eliminating the pressure of marketing.

“This partnership has enabled my brand to grow tremendously in a very short amount of time as a result of smart strategy and intelligent use of available platforms to reach potential customers.” - Tako Glass


Growing an artistic business in a saturated, competitive market without compromising quality or the artist’s connection with customers.

Tako Glass has built an incredible reputation as a leading blown glass artist, creating unique glass bongs and pipes with a dedicated following. However, though selling on various eCommerce channels, it was becoming increasingly harder for Tako to keep up with the demand and manage his online presence. The main issue here was to help support the company’s growth in a sustainable way, bringing in more sales while ensuring Tako can dedicate his time to developing his craft. 


Bizualized developed a strong SEO strategy, with a focus on the most important channels that would garner attention and conversions for Tako Glass.

Bizualized managed the utilization of the most meaningful channels to cater to Tako Glass’s audience, in combination with aggressive SEO strategies, to bring more customers in and drive conversions. A dynamic strategy was developed to utilize these various marketing channels simultaneously to trigger growth very quickly.


  • SEO Strategies
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media
  • Content Production


  • After completing a full SEO audit, Bizualized provided a detailed roadmap to growing the business massively in less than a year.
  • Utilizing technology to refine all business processes, driving continuous growth for this unique, artistic business. 
  • A strong and reliable strategy that enables the business to move forward unconstrained by a lack of professional marketing efforts.
  • Maximum return on investment in just 6 months of implementing this marketing strategy.
  • 75% growth over the previous year was seen through organic traffic to sales channels.
  • Top-ranking placement on numerous industry-specific searches, enhancing Tako Glass’s web presence in their niche.
  • Due to the artisanal nature of this business, these sales methods have allowed for immense automation for the business, allowing the artist to dedicate maximum time and energy to creative purposes while capitalizing on significant month-over-month growth.
  • A flexible marketing system that allows the artist to remain at the helm of the business and maintain a connection to clientele without exerting too much time or energy.
  • Thousands of new, organic social media followers on Instagram, the channel with the most impact for this niche.


Through careful and strategic marketing efforts, Bizualized helped the brand grow further and more quickly than ever before while capitalizing on the long-standing reputation Tako Glass has built over 25 years.

Bizualized delivered:

  • Increased sales and demand for the artist’s work, including the sale of several one-of-a-kind, magnum opus pieces, for upwards of $5,000 each.
  • 75% more traffic to Tako Glass online sales channels; eCommerce website and marketplace.
  • First-page and top place rankings in Google searches for the most relevant search terms for the business.
  • Improved brand awareness across the industry.