How Technology is Keeping Businesses Alive

Digital transformation has been a major topic of discussion across all business verticals over the past several years, especially considering the massive amount of change that has occurred across all landscapes. Small businesses particularly have faced drastic hurdles and many have turned to digital tools and services to weather the storms and stay afloat. 

Continue reading to learn how Bizualized can help your small business with digital transformation and adopting new technologies to thrive despite unstable circumstances.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital tools and technology to drive further performance and growth in a business. Transformation is geared toward changing all business aspects - from operations to serving customers. Digital transformation can be done on a massive scale to thoroughly overhaul all operations, or it may involve smaller measures that work to create long-term changes. It is a unique endeavor for each business, often requiring cultural changes within the organization to take on new, experimental concepts to find what works and what doesn't. 

Why Businesses are Shifting Digitally

Digital tools and integration into the digital landscape are no longer optional; it’s mandatory. If we weren’t already almost entirely digitally-focused pre-pandemic, the world has definitely shifted in that direction since. Most poignantly for small businesses, which have faced the greatest amount of turmoil. Even those that were not digital before 2020, remaining relevant and in business required instant pivots to digital methods to reach customers and continue producing.

Even open-air markets and restaurants must rely on digital means to survive now. If the digital revolution was inching closer previously, it became permanent in 2020.

What Digital Transformation Entails

The biggest factor with digital transformation is problem-solving. Businesses need fast, long-range solutions to keep hassles from slowing them down and impacting bottom lines. Bizualized is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed in the digital landscape through the innovative implementation of tools and services to build brand awareness and drive revenue. 

Some of our services that help with digital transformation include:

  • Website design, redesign, and assessment for functionality
  • Automation tools for simplifying processes and planning for resilience 
  • SEO audits and radical overhauls of redundant, outdated, or opposing technologies 
  • Implementing tools that help websites rank higher on search engines
  • Graphic design that communicates your brand's message
  • Content creation that represents your brand and communicates your services

The WHY Behind Transformation

While digital transformation was a concept being embraced before the pandemic, it has become a matter of survival for small businesses, especially since 2020. Shifting to a more digital landscape has proven to be a necessity and an incredible force for growth, enabling businesses to change with the rapidly changing times. 

For many companies, being able to handle rapid changes and meet them with rapid adaptations has been key to success since the pandemic set in. With time to market pressure, continuously evolving customer expectations, serving their needs via customer experience, and managing supply chain issues, it has been critical for organizations to adapt quickly and effectively. 

Changing Along with Customers

In conjunction with these changes, customer behavior has also evolved since the start of the 2020 pandemic. Optimized and automated systems in supply chains immediately faltered, dealing with impacted supply and demand. Along these lines, most Americans have experimented with new shopping options in recent times, however, it remains unknown if they will continue to use these methods long-term due to continuous market changes.

In this regard, giving your customers reasons to shop with you is critical to your success. It is exceptionally important that your brand is seen as a leader in your industry and recognized as the top choice to purchase from. To ensure your brand remains at the top of customers' minds and to ensure your brand is at the top of Google searches, be sure your digital strategy is aligned with your goals. 

As we progress ahead during the most uncertain times, one of the most important ways to prepare for constant change is to keep an agile mindset. Prepare your business as best as you can; implement technologies that can minimize steps and automate processes. If you are seeking guidance to help your business thrive in the digital landscape, let Bizualized help with your digital strategy. We are a full-service digital agency and can tailor a unique roadmap designed for your unique needs.

Change is inevitable; transformation can help you stay ready for it. Contact Bizualized today to learn more.