What is Local Marketing?

Businesses investing in localized marketing gain the benefit of having their products/ services at the front and center of customers’ minds and Google search engine results. Are you interested in learning new ways to reach customers locally? If so, read on to learn more about local marketing and how Bizualized can help you increase your business’s profitability using strategic measures! 


The Basics of Local Marketing

Local marketing is specifically geared towards helping people find businesses in their local area. People seek out the expertise of Google constantly in their local areas for everything from finding highly-rated dining options to sourcing potential physicians, finding skilled professionals to do repairs, locating specialty shops, and everything in between. 


What Does Local Marketing Entail?

Local marketing encompasses a broad range of digital marketing solutions that enable businesses to make their presence known in their local areas. These methods allow them to build awareness of their services and goods to ensure their customers know they are there and ready to serve them. In general, local marketing is particularly utilized by businesses that have a physical storefront, office, or work in a centralized area. 


Three of the most important aspects of local marketing include: 

  1. NAP: Or name, address, and phone number. These particular points of your business must be accurate and consistent across the internet to ensure you are getting noticed by Google. From your website to your Google info, and everywhere else your business is listed, make sure your NAP is on-point.
  2. SEO: Search engine optimization is a must for any business looking to be found through search engines. SEO directly correlates to your ranking on Google and ensuring your local prospects can find you through location-based searches is major. “Miami restaurants,” “Houston chiropractor,” or “immigration attorney in San Jose” are a few examples.
  3. Geotargeting: Geotargeting allows you to use location data to reach customers through location-based marketing campaigns. It is particularly important for “near me” searches, enabling you to target your audience with specific local keywords and precise locations. 


H2- So How Do You Reach Customers?

Google is a finicky tool. An absolute essential for businesses and customers, but it definitely comes with its unique quirks. According to HubSpot, 46% of Google searches are seeking local results. If you want to reach new customers, ensuring your business can be found by Google searches is the first order of priority. There are a few ways to do this, however, working with a professional digital expert is one of the best ways to execute a strategy.


Let Bizualized Create a Local MarketingStrategy that Brings Results

Bizualized has helped countless businesses up their local marketing game and if you are seeking expert guidance, we can help you reach your local marketing goals. Our services are customized to your exact needs and we can help you:

  • Verify how mobile-friendly your website is and localize it accordingly.
  • Claim all available local listings on third-party directories and websites.
  • Develop a local SEO strategy that can include local social media and community opportunities.
  • Create localized paid advertising campaigns.



Local marketing is a highly effective way to reach your local target audience, boosting your search engine rankings, and overall website traffic. It also is a very important aspect of establishing your business within your local community. To learn more about how to start investing in local marketing strategies, contact our team today