Why Email Marketing Isn't Going Anywhere and is Still Relevant for your Business

So much is going on in the world of digital marketing, but regardless of how dynamic it gets and how much technology propels the possibilities, good old email marketing isn’t going anywhere. It’s super important to keep your options diversified; video marketing, social media, reels, SEO, content strategies, automation; it’s all very useful. But email, no matter how old school it is, remains relevant. 


Here at Bizualized, we help our clients with cutting-edge email marketing strategies to ensure they are always in touch with customers, and they maintain a steady presence in their inboxes. So, is your business taking advantage of the power of email? Read on to learn about why email is still so relevant and why your business should be using it to stay on top of the game. 


Email Ain’t Going Anywhere

Email is different from other types of marketing methods because it’s somewhat more personal. An email address gets you in the door, so to speak, right in front of your customer. If they signed up for your emails, chances are, they are aware of your company and products.If they open your email, they are probably curious and interested in what you’ve got to offer. At the very least, they want to know what you’re saying.While social media broadcasts to a massive audience and video marketing seeks to engage, email is more like a one-on-one, even when the same email is delivered to thousands of customers. 


Email works because it’s direct and it enables clear, focused communication with clients and potential clients. You can present news, offers, updates, and so much more information using email. Follow-ups can be channeled to customers who have done business with you, to continue fostering the relationship. 


Why Email Marketing Works

Consistently engaging your email subscribers with valuable and enticing content nurtures the relationship and can help keep their interest. Some of the best benefits of email marketing include: 


Cost-effective and powerful ROI: Email is very affordable, even for businesses with tight budgets. Results are easy to track and analytical measures are simple to calculate. Because investing in email marketing is a very cost-effective strategy to reach customers, it presents great opportunities for building and maintaining business. 


Reaching many clients and potential clients: Through your email list, which serves as a specifically targeted audience, you can send out mass emails that enter the inboxes of thousands. Because you are catering to a targeted audience, you can customize strategies that directly appeal to them.


Email connects seamlessly to other digital marketing efforts: Landing pages, social media campaigns, exclusive sales; what ever strategy you are using for marketing, email can be used alongside for further impact and to keep communication flowing. 


Calls to action: Using email to offer free content or limited-time sales is a great way to keep the conversations flowing with customers. Email allows you to communicate effectively with different campaigns across channels, ensuring your subscribers have all the necessary info succinctly. If the goal is to provoke a specific action from your customers or audience, email can help make this more effective.


Brand awareness: Email is very well used for building brand awareness. When customers and potential customers sign up for your email, it enables your brand to stay in their minds. By nurturing this sense of recognition, you build rapport with customers. When they need something your brand offers, they will seek your brand out first.


Email marketing remains a powerful tool for building and maintaining relationships with customers, and despite the many innovations that have come along in the marketing sector, there’s nothing that replaces the consistency and ROI of email. It’s simple, cost-effective, and personal; all benefits most businesses should be taking advantage of. If you are considering email marketing strategies to increase your business’s profitability, Bizualized can help. Contact us today to learn more!